number of injuries during fires in big places because of 1- panic 2- not knowing the paths 3- not knowing the situation at the exits 4- lacking of the awareness about the safety policies in the places

What it does

an automatic shown web page on every device that is in the wi-fi domain during fires, to show the best path to get out from the place along with default sms sensed to the authority with the location

How we built it

HW: adding temperature sensor and humidity measurement sensors at the doors to detect the best(safe+fast) path to the exits along with fire alarm

SW:website with html+css for the interface java script for basic code java code for the main (dijesta ) algorithm

Challenges we ran into

hardware and software integration code and interface integration converting from java to js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

building each pieces correctly

What we learned

Fm200 gas delaing with multiple languages in same project

What's next for skip fire-16A

1-integration 2-path to the safest room in case of no save paths to exits 3- saving server room 4- observing high temperature before fire starts 5- detecting missing people

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