So, it all started a couple of months ago, it was a rough idea and we were doing an IoT service but it was not fully finished until we saw this contest and decided to put all our effort on making it work and finish some samples. We wanted to use the built-in voice assistant for each platform, so no learning curve is required to start making and converting any house into a smart-home. It is so easy even my girlfriend was "dude I need this in my house or move in here"

How it works

So, it works in several ways, the first one doesn't require to install any application on anywhere, you simple goto the site and log in with your Facebook account, so why Facebook?, because this way, the platform know your name and your mail in a fast way, next is you register a device in the site, it can be a device you made yourself using the API we wrote or an ESP8266 firmware we also built.

So you register the token and that's it, we also created explanatory videos to help people get started, after you setup a device, it will require simple info such as the device name and location, so it doesn't make any mistakes when you refer to it by voice.

If you have a smart watch you can also download the android wear application from google play and register the token to use your devices directly from your wrist.

Challenges I ran into

Well a really big problem is how to create devices bidirectional, it was hard to write a firmware for arduino and also for other chipsets as the ESP8266, there is no guide for that, and we could manage to create a firmware stable for both chips. Also a very closed platform like apple was hard to make it work with the homekit protocol, so invested a couple of nights without girlfriend to make it work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very happy and proud that Siri could recognize our firmware, it was an awesome feeling to hear the "The light is now ON"

What I learned

We learnt a lot, we are two brothers and we love technology, Jonathan, the older brother learnt how to program for various chipsets because he likes hardware and 3D printers, he also had the idea of creating a button to request our uber drive, so, implementing the uber API was also something that made us crazy and happy. I personally learnt how to develop for iOS and create real time servers with ruby.

What's next for Siri, google now and android wear remote control

We want to make it a better product, a very simple, easy to use and implement API to everyone, we want to share our experiments and knowledge with people interested in the topic of connectivity, we are also looking to modify a car to react to voice commands.

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