• Ever wanted to decide where to eat? Or the professor you should take for that class next semester? Ask the world or your friends with simpoll!
  • simpoll is a simple polling app to get simple answers to your simple questions.


  • "Chipotle or Moes?"
  • "Should I get a macbook pro or a surfacebook?"
  • "What movie should I see? The Martian or Spectre?"
  • "I'm a freshman, what should I major in? Comp Sci or English"?
  • "Is node.js the only real dev language?"

Share a poll with just your friends, or get votes from the public feed to answer your question!

Technologies / Specifics

  • We built a representational state transfer (REST) API for our iOS mobile application and a small sharing web page
  • The REST API is written in Flask, a python framework and in MongoDB, a NoSQL database
  • All running on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine!
  • Allows one to share polls across the world to gather collective knowledge
  • API allows one to get top 100 posts by chronology or by top score
  • We also wrote a small a small website that allows users to dynamically share their questions with other users that are not using the app
  • The iOS app is written in Swift 2.0


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