We wanted to build an app that anyone could use regardless of their age. The interface had to be simple, clean, and easy to navigate through. Say hello to Simplify.

What it does

Simplify allows people to easily call, send pre-set messages, order food, and more! The app is primarily dedicated toward the elderly - the buttons were made with a very simple interface to ensure that everyone could use it.

How I built it

Over the course of the 36 hours, we first started with a design of the layout (i.e. how we wanted the workflow of the app to be). This took us ~2 hours or so. After we had a design to work with, we went to building the iOS application, ~4 hours. After we had basic functionality down, we started implementing the front-end in ~6 hours. The front end was designed primarily in Sketch; the goal was just to make the app very clean. From there, we spent a lot of time messing around with backend calls (utilizing Parse + cloud code). The rest of the time, we made a video and website to highlight our application.

Challenges I ran into

Uber's API definitely through our team for a loop. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to integrate the "Ride Request" functionality into our application. Additionally, we got distracted - we constantly wanted to implement new features without recognizing what the user would actually need. For future development, we should definitely understand our market better.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've very happy that we were able to build our product in 36 hours. Initially, it seemed like the scope of our project was too large, but we were able to identify core features to include/finish. I think our team also worked well together (2 primary developers + 2 front-end designers). We were able to split up the tasks well, and there was never a moment where anyone was left sitting around.

What I learned

We need more iOS developers for future projects. With only one developer, there were too many things to implement in the 36 hours. The project was a great way to test new APIs, and I think we'll be able to use them in the future.

What's next for Simplify

There's still a lot of functionality that we want to add to Simplify including: Quick travel booking UI touch ups Remote favorites contact replacement

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