We got inspired by our parents who were constantly asking themselves what should they cook for supper or for dinner.

What it does

When you go on our web site, you can create an account, your username and password will then be saved inside our database. Then you can log in our website, when you are logged in, you will see that you're able to generate meals from our data base for each day of the week, for your breakfast, lunch and supper. All you need to know about the meal and is preparation will appear. After, you will able to press on the shopping cart to get your meals list for the whole week.

How we built it

We built our website using javascript, css and HTML. We used node.js for the backend. We scrapped ricardo's website for recipes, and we used google spreadsheet as a no-sql database, we used heroku to host our server.

Challenges we ran into

-There were no free recipe database and we needed to scrape data from

-We also had difficulty making our algorithm to match ingredients

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're proud of the algorithm that returns all the info about the receipt

What's next for SimplEat

In a near future, we would like to add a preferences functionality and a map with all the grocery stores near your location using the GPS in cellphone. These functionalities will make the user experience better.

We would also like to make a hybrid based mobile app that could run on android and ios.

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