Vendor Name: Tech Bridge Girls. Challenge #1: Hard to keep track of the Volunteer Liability Waiver Forms. Solution:

  1. Upload to a Volunteer Liability Waiver Form and keep it as a template.
  2. Send the Volunteer Liability Waiver Form via DocuSign to every volunteer. When the form is signed, the form will come back to DocuSign and kept in your Admin account. You can search all signed DocuSign forms by name, date and or name.
  3. If you upgrade to the Power Forms plan, you can also keep a link to the Volunteer Liability Waiver Form on the Tech Bridge Girls website and ask all volunteers to click on a link, open the form and sign the form via DocuSign. Make sure that the Power Form requires an e-mail address of the signer; without the e-mail address the form is not legally binding. Another advantage if using the Power Form is that it allows you to download all signed forms into Excel spread sheet for the analysis. Benefit. I recommend this solution to the Tech Bridge Girls because it is easy to implement and uses already existing features of the DocuSign without any special customization.

Vendor Name: Tech Bridge Girls. Challenge #2: Takes long time to sign Contracts. Solution: Any contract has two part - one that has an interaction and another that is static (the same on all contract) Using DocuSign you can separate two parts of the contract, static and "always changing", send to the person both parts and ask to sign only "always changing" part and allow them to read a static part of the contract. Benefit. This solution you will speed up the time of signing contract and allow you to use DocuSign Data Repository to keep all signed contracts in the one place and be part of built-in DocuSign backup process.

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