In grade 10th1995, I was tensed about my class mates and my future. What will happen after we get done with matriculation considering there were no good Institutes. At that time, Mr. Arif (deaf), a guy from Gallaudet University, came to visit DEWA Trust School to meet us students. I attended his talks and was so motivated by how he succeeded in his life beyond his barrier. I talked to him on how he should come to Dewa to teach us students as we need someone for better education. When I started my 11th grade Fine Arts Dewa College, I had the chance to meet a person called Syed Amin. Syed Amin was an English language expert. I requested him to start conducting English classes for the deaf people but he had some reservations due to his previous commitments. After forcing him a lot, he decided to teach and I gathered 10 people for those classes. It was not easy to gather people as deaf people are very hard to persuade for new initiatives. Then in September, 1999 after 3 years of persuading him, we were then settled in a room with no light or facilities but ended up learning so much from those English language classes My parents were not good in sign language so we had big communication gap. But they really supported me on all my education expenses wherever I wanted. I wanted to go to USA and attend Gallaudet University for higher education to learn more about today's technology and development for deaf community to solve the problem of the daily life routine but it wasn’t really in the fate. Instead I ended up in Saudi Arabia with my family. In 2003, I came back to Pakistan and started working over here. The work didn’t last long and very soon I ended up with being jobless. Then I decided to start my own business of making and selling purses and trust me that was a lot of hardwork. I earned very less out of that. Then I left that work and started working at Young’s food’s office and have been working here since 9 years. Earlier on I also joined Pakistan Association for the deaf.I was their Public Secretary, General Secretary and Vice President and now serve them as the Joint Secretary. A little evidence of my passion to work for the deaf community. I always use to check out on different apps, websites to benefit the deaf community. I use to skype with people around the world working for this cause. Then I thought of doing a project. It never worked out but I had the grit. I then went to meet different programs, institutesto start one of these tech projects but nothing worked out. I kept on trying but failed and failed.

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