This is a business app for professional integration of handwritten signatures for use as authorization within electronic documents. The app is an enabler for paperless processes as it enables signing of electronic documents using a true electronic signature. The signatures captured with this app are of the highest quality possible on electronic devices, and great care has been taken to make the signatures as realistic as signing on paper.

Unlike other local signing apps, the app has been designed from the ground up for quick and seamless integration into enterprise applications (other apps or web portals) so that signing can be added to existing platforms. The app enables a quick and easy move of current portal and other applications to mobile devices such as those provided by Samsung.

Signdoc Mobile app acts as a client for a back-end signing platform making the application available independent of operation system, or particular hardware.

Certified APP

The app has been certified by TÜV Saarland (part of the German Technical Inspection Association Group) as being secure and has also certified its usage as being self explanatory and intuitive.


Read in customer reports how SignDoc Mobile became an integral part of various corporate apps – and


When signing on screen, digital ink is displayed accurately and without any noticable delay. This enables signatures that really look like signatures you would have signed on paper with no apparent loss of quality to be used in electronic documents.

Additionally, SignDoc Mobile enables • capturing of signatures with characteristics allowing a reliable authentication of the signer of a document
• creating signed documents whose integrity can be verified by anyone • keeping electronic forms and sensitive data within the secure IT environment of your own organization

Signdoc mobile captures signatures including the biometric signals of time and location and, uniquely on Samsung devices, even pressure levels. Biometric signature data are stored within signatures compliant to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard. SignDoc Mobile signatures are not just images but uniquely identifying biometric characteristics of the signer.

The PDF documents that are signed with Signdoc Mobile are sealed with a digital signature compliant to PDF standard ISO 32000 (“Adobe DigSig”). Signed documents may be validated with most PDF readers (incl. Adobe Reader)

USE OF S-PEN S-PEN is used within SignDocMobile for the signature capturing portion of the app. It delivers an extremely high quality signature that is comparable to very high end devices that have been designed specifically for signature capturing applications however making this data quality available to mobile devices. S-PEN enhances our application significantly by providing data signals that make it possible for us to render realistic and beautiful looking signatures. S-PEN truly makes a difference: Capturing of different pressure levels increases the quality of data captured and enables usage of the signatures for biometric signature verification. The more accurate and diverse the signals are that are captured from a device throughout the signing procedure, the more unique the set of signature data becomes for a particular signer. The additional data makes both an automated verification possible, as well as providing more data for handwriting experts for a manual verification. In short, it significantly increases the security and trustworthiness of the signature. Increased data signals provided by S-PEN makes it possible to render beautiful signatures that gain immediate acceptance with users. This leads to an instant, exact, and natural display of digital ink on screen throughout the writing process Feel of writing on display very close to writing on paper due to feedback provided by S-Pen.


Use this SignDoc Mobile App similar to its use in enterprise networks where the signature platform SignDoc Web ( ) is installed.

You can familiarize yourself with the features by watching a short introduction video

A secure web server has been set up specifically for users of this app so that you can E-Sign any PDF file with this app on your tablet PDF for free • with your handwritten signature and/or • by creating an image of the signer using the built-in camera and/or • by taking a photo of an ID document – depending on the requirements of your process.

You can either sign sample files, or upload your own documents and place your own signature fields for signing. Once signed, the documents can either be sent via email, stored locally on your devices, or on a cloud service such as Dropbox.


The configuration used by the app demonstrates a standard user interface for e-Signing electronic documents. A more tailored user experience can be set up by deploying an individual SignDoc Web server as a company server which is private to an organization.


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