Inspiration Village Governments in Indonesia with the large amount of data in the village and are required to provide fast services to the community and manage data accurately, with human resources that are less of a problem at the Village Government level #What does it do Making service applications quickly for the community as well as managing data in the SIDEKEM application so that it makes it easier for users to collect data from the public #How do I build it I built this application in collaboration with the Regency Government and provide regular assistance to the community #The challenges I face The large number of applications from various governments presents a very difficult challenge #Achievements that I am proud of The Village Government has valid and fast data in dealing with situations, through SIDEKEM also collects data on people who enter the village during the Covid-19 pandemic so that it makes it easier for the village government to control its community and make it easier for the village government to provide social assistance to people affected by the pandemic. besides that, because SIDEKEM is an online application, many of them have installed a wireless network to use this application. #What I learned I have learned many things related to regulations as well as the amount of data that I have to accommodate to make this application the only application that is integrated with other applications. #What's next for SIDEKEM There are many things that must be developed from this application, one of which is the mobile version and other features that are more useful following changes

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