Siaga Banjir (Jakarta Flood Alert)

A monitoring and flood alert system for 14 sluices in Greater Jakarta area.

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Siaga Banjir (Jakarta Flood Alert) is an application that functions to monitor 14 sluices’ activities in Greater Jakarta area. When the rainy season comes, the water level in each sluice will change eventually and thus can be a danger if the weather got worse.

Using Jakarta Flood Alert, users will get the latest information about the sluices’ condition and the chance of upcoming flood in certain places. These information can be shared and spread through social media to inform other people in hope that they will be prepared.

There are 14 sluices that can be watched using Jakarta Flood Alert:

  1. Katulampa
  2. Pesanggrahan
  3. Angke Hulu
  4. Cipinang Hulu
  5. Angker Hulu
  6. Depok
  7. Manggarai
  8. Karet
  9. Waduk Pluit
  10. Pasar Ikan
  11. Pulo Gadung
  12. Sunter Utara
  13. Sunter Selatan
  14. Krukut Hulu

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Target User

No less than 50,000 people who has been victims of Jakarta's annually flood.

Key Features

Summary: Provides summary information in 1 page about the current water level condition at 14 sluices.

Sluice Details: Provides details of each sluice by showing current water level, level changes in past 6 hours, area that may be affected, and the location of the sluice itself.

My Places: Save several locations to be watched and get warned if sluice changes affect that area.

Recommendation: Provides recommendation to user on what sluice to follow based on the location that has been chosen in “My Places.

Follow: Get the latest update from each individual sluice. User can follow whether the sluice was recommended or not.

Notification: Get notified if followed sluices' status has been changed.

Education: Provides explanation to users about the differences of water level status, who can be called to help, and what to do in such situations.

Share: Share to friends and social media followers about the current condition of the water level at sluices. The information can be widely spread to help preparedness of upcoming flood.

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