Inspiration for Shutterstock Editor

With one of the largest stock image libraries in the world Shutterstock was in a unique position to bring better design tools to designers and storytellers around the world. Instead of restricting the tool to it's users Shutterstock has made the tool free to all with best in class text, filtering, and other tools. Shutterstock Editor is positioned to power the creativity of the design world.

What it does

Shutterstock Editor makes design easy. Shutterstock's images are used by small businesses and designers around the world and we know which tools are needed to take those images to the next level of success. Being easy doesn't mean it's low on features though


Our text editing is some of the best on the web allowing detailed control of styles, alignment, line height, opacity, and so many more. Shutterstock Editor also has full international support for entering text from languages from around the world including Arabic, Chines, Korean, and more!


Shutterstock Editor has first class integration with the Shutterstock image library. In addition any free account can upload 100 images from your own library. Our powerful filters allow detailed adjustment on brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation. We even have vignette and blur for enhanced effects.

Design Resizing

Never be worried to change the size of your design in the middle of working on it! We dynamically resize your work to fit in any size you need!

Multiple Pages

Keep everything organized with the ability to have multiple pages grouped together! Many campaigns need the same basic design but in different sizes and Shutterstock Editor's multipage feature is the perfect tool to get that done.


Never loose your work as all free accounts have every design auto saved. There is no limit to the number of saved designs you can have!


Download in many standard web formats in addition to pdf and tiff. Select the DPI that best fits your format be it web or print! Shutterstock Editor can output designs up to 144 megapixels within seconds.

How We built it

Shutterstock Editor was built with cutting edge technology of react and fabric.js and take full advantage of webgl.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Having easy to use features that users need every day is the best accomplishment. In addition we strive to push forward what is possible in a web design tool. Out international font support for text editing is hard fought and often overlooked in other design tools. Our Image Perspective tool allows your images to be seamlessly be integrated in other images. As well as our emoji support that less you be as expressive as you need to be.

What We learned

We knew building an online design tool that was easy to use would be hard and it's been even harder then we ever expected. Shutterstock is fully dedicated to building a world tool and the learning experience on how to deliver that has been amazing. Everyday we find new challenges that force our team to rise to the occasion and solve some of the hardest problems in web development.

What's next for Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock Editor is not side project that we squeeze in time for. We have a team working on making it better every day. We closely work with our users to figure out what is the best way to help them do their job. Have an idea or suggestion? Reach out to Shutterstock on any social media platform and your message will be passed along!

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