Shazam, and the desire to know which episode funny clips online come from

What it does

Tells you the show, season, episode AND time signature of the clip you're recording!

How I built it

A machine learning model-Convolutional Neural Network-classifies the clip into the correct show. Then, a Shazam-like audio hashing algorithm figures out the specific episode and time signature of the clip.

Challenges I ran into

Building an app version. We ended up making a mock-up, and running most the functionality server-side.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First documented cartoon classifier in the world!

What I learned

How little training data you need when using certain reliable methods: like the hashing function, and using a technique called "transfer learning" for the classifier.

What's next for Showtime

Adding a larger catalogue of shows and episodes. Enabling a social component to share favorite clips and corresponding information-quite useful among our _ ~hilarious~ _ group of friends!

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