Show the Way is not just an iPhone and Android mobile phone app. The application leverages a backend data management system,, to update details on the organizations, programs and services available within a region while providing critical details on program eligibility requirements and operating hours. Since each program is associated to a physical location we have the ability of extending map based search with directions on how to get to the program by car, bike or by walking.

AgencyDash is a robust data management platform that supports the import of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data which ultimately will allow the app to provide details on bed availability for any HMIS provider, not just Foothold, that supports either the HUD CSV or HUD XML format. Ultimately, it is our vision to wrap in support of the HUD exchange formats to build a proper information and referral based system that would allow for these varied HMIS systems, that are needed to continue to receive HUD funding, to connect with one another through the Show the Way app. Nationally touted concepts such as "coordinated case management" and "no wrong door" are not possible unless this data sharing framework is in place. Simtech Solutions' background in authoring the national HMIS data exchange standards for HUD and our work with the VA on the national homeless registry put us in a unique position to bring the necessary pieces together to make this happen.

Other tools such as a built in job search function that can query in real-time the national VA jobs directory and a directory of numbers to call for those in crisis round out this application. Together we hope these tools can help "Show the Way" to housing and stability for the veterans that stood up for our country.

Contact Info: Matt Simmonds 617-395-6669 (office) 617-448-4366 (cell)

To test on a mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry OS, Kindle Fire) open up the mobile browser (safari and Android) and go to www.agencydash/ADTouch. To view in fullscreen mode without the browser bar you will need to add the page to your home screen.

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