However, at the present time (May 17, 2019), Bitcoin in particular and the crypto market in general have shown positive signs when there are incredible recovery steps, the price of 1 BTC is currently around $ 8,000, acceptance for this currency is becoming more common, more open countries, large corporations and businesses accept payments in BTC and Altcoin, especially the technology behind it - Blockchain. In short, BTC is still considered an extremely attractive and potential investment in the future, which is why I have received a lot of questions related to BTC recently.

What it does

Where does Bitcoin investment begin? Should we invest in Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin investment safe? Is BTC investment a scam? How to invest Bitcoin effectively in Vietnam? How to play Bitcoin, how much money is needed? Should 2020 buy Bitcoin? Where is the sale of BTC reputable? And many other questions. So this article I love Bitcoin will share with you the most basic knowledge when you first enter this market, and guide how to invest Bitcoin for beginners from A - Z in full, detailed possible. This guide will be common to most coins, not just Bitcoin.

How I built it

Before participating in anything, you need to have a basic knowledge of it, Bitcoin and virtual currencies, you can see what Bitcoin is, is it fraudulent, is it legal in Vietnam? ? Its advantages and disadvantages and many other information in this article. In this article, I will only focus on teaching you how to play Bitcoin.

Challenges I ran into

I would like to give a personal opinion, you can consult before making an investment decision, and absolutely should not consider this investment advice from me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become a global investment trend, it has an international stature, not just in any one country. Bitcoin is often compared to the stock market or Forex, although the cryptocurrency market is still much smaller than the stock market today, but some industry experts have predicted the future of crypto capitalization. can grow to trillions of dollars, which means that the price of BTC and other coins will increase sharply.

What I learned

What's next for Should you invest in Crypto Currencies ObitanChain Bắc Kạn

Bitcoin has always received mixed opinions about investing in this currency, critics, supporters, some countries forbid use, but there are countries that are very open to Bitcoin. The biggest hurdle considered by Bitcoin is still "acceptance", the acceptance here is of the nations, companies, corporations and most importantly the users, it's us. Because only when accepted and widely used in payment and application in different segments of society, will Bitcoin prove its true value, and then many people will buy Bitcoin.

This has been proved by Bitcoin and other coins, as evidenced by many countries that have accepted or been open to Bitcoin such as Japan, Sweden, the United States, Indonesia, .. and some technology corporations. Big has begun to accept payments or use the technology behind Bitcoin such as Microsoft, Samsung, Starbucks, Bakkt, Overstock, Dell, Dish Network, Dynamite Entertainment, Expedia, .. and many other names.

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