Ever found a clothing item online that you liked but did not know where to shop it? You try to google and describe it but no luck.

What it does

This is where CopTheLook comes in! With the image of the outfit, it detects the multiple clothing segments and brings shops to you. The ultimate product search.

How I built it

We used a vue flask stack for the website. Samasource pretrained model to segment the clothing items and Google Cloud Vision API to search the clothing items' shops.

Challenges I ran into

The challenging part was to find an API that will give show us where to buy an item. We tried scraping websites doing that such as but no luck. We then decided to use google vision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a fully functional web app, available for anyone to use, in just over the weekend!

What I learned

The amazing complexity of UI/UX design using Vue.js. How a computer vision segmenting model can be super accurate and also extremely innacurate from time to time

What's next for CopTheLook

Improve the searching model to get more accurate results. Also, show the prices from the shops on our website. Be able to filter the results to a specific shop you love. Lots can be improved!

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