We, like all other people around the world, are inspired by the work that medical staff is doing in this situation. So, we thought to help exactly these people who are in the front line in this situation. We decided to create a website which will help the medical staff who don't have the opportunity to go and do the grocery shopping by themselves. The remaining time they have out of their job they want to spend with their family instead of wasting it shopping.

What does it do

The website gives the doctor the option to search for a supermarket nearby. By selectin the favourite shop they will be able to connect directly to the supermarket website where they can order the item of interest. After they submit their order, the code tries to match with an available volunteer who will go to pick up the order and deliver home. At any stage, the doctor can track the order. The current code works for grocery shops but can be extended to other kinds of shops as well.

Challenges we ran into: • Technical challenges to work on the problem while we were not very experienced in what we were facing. • The limitation in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of : • Being connected and collaborative during the project. • Clearly understanding of the specific tasks each one of us had to complete. • Learning new skills and being excited to solve real problems • Having a prototype by the end of the Hackathon

What we learned: Experience for improving our skills in programming, collaborating with the team for such a cause, helped us feel better.

What's next for Shop4Meds: • Synchronizing data to perform matches of the registered volunteers in the same area as doctors. • Improving the profile login for the doctors and the volunteers • A mobile app version of it.

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