The captain or commander is the person in charge of the command of a ship at sea. That person may also be designated "patron", in these cases normally when they are responsible for the government of small or coastal vessels or when they do not belong to the ranks of military officers. In ordinary language, the captains or patterns of pleasure boats are often referred to as "skippers" (English term that comes from the Dutch schipper, derived from schip which means "ship").

The captain is one of the most typical institutions of navigation law and within the so-called shipping company dependent occupies a preponderant position, being the axis of the maritime expedition, on which a bundle of powers and duties of public law and private that they attribute a singular characteristic to him as person in charge of the government and direction of the ship, of representation of the shipper and delegate of the public authority for the conservation of the order, and security of the crew, passengers and cargo.

The functions that make up this institution are the result of a long historical evolution, which has its origins in Roman law, in which there was a differentiation in a maritime expedition between the nautical functions (Navis master) and the commercial ones (Navis exerciser), that later and in a long process they will merge into the single person of the captain, when the shipowner stops traveling on board the ship and attributes the exclusive care of the expedition to the captain.

Ted makes sure that the ship follows all the local and international laws. Sea is an adventure that requires attention to many details and one of the most important details is not violating any laws. After all, Ted is the one who is responsible for the ship, its safety, and everything regarding it. All the ship’s certificates and documentation are kept by the ship captain. Ted reads all the paperwork of the ship before taking responsibility for it. It is part of his job to make sure that everything is okay before starting working.

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