We, women, try to perfectionist, and that's sometimes become a problem as we start to think tech is not for us and start to lose confidence. So, our main inspo was not to make women quit when they stress, instead of face it with confidence.

What it does

This project teaches how important it is for women to take care of their mental health and it shows the way to do so. If you take care of Mental health, it will take care of you. So, our website takes in through things that they can do in order to distress, rejuvenate and reevaluate themselves for the better so that they don't take regretful decisions under stress.

How we built it

We built our homepage using HTML, CSS, and python. Then, we built our "Check your stress level" using javascript and used python for Techy jokes and games. For images, we created our own images using some image builder websites, like Canva.

Challenges we ran into

When we were creating our "Check your stress level" page, we had some issues with variables, and storing our answer. But then, we revisited, debugged and it worked at last!

What we learned:

We learned how to debug issues, and how to stay calm during that time. We also learned how to embed other languages to an HTML & CSS website.

What's next for SheCares:

To create a community for women, where people can share one another story, and get to know that they are not alone or get to hear an inspirational story, which might inspire them to overcome their current struggles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're so proud of the whole website, and how it's functional. We are also proud of our color scheme, fonts, and styling, and how we incorporated 4 languages in one website. And, most importantly, we are so proud of how this really helpful for people, like us, who make some regretful decisions when stressed.

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