Seeing that the systems of countries around the world are not compatible, in order to achieve mutual visits of the world system

What it does

  1. The system reads the data information of the existing system, performs data processing according to a rule table established in advance, and shares data information externally. You can get the data as long as you are legal.
  2. If there is an abnormality in the data during the data processing, an alarm will be issued, and the alarm information will be reported to several sharing points according to the pre-configuration and rule table.
  3. It is a distributed networking mode, with no explicit subordinate relationship, so the networking relationship is very flexible. By setting up a list of shared points collected, the data in these shared points provides a variety of application development Data support.
  4. Its network structure is similar to virus transmission. It is not bound by any country or institution. As long as the publishing node is provided, others can access it and follow the standard access protocol to join the system.

5.It enables sharing one piece of data to multiple application developers

How I built it

VC,Ubuntu java and so on

Challenges I ran into

I don't have the team and money

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. This system can access countless monitoring points, and the access cost is very small, just need to add protocol conversion or data reading module to the existing system.
  2. It is a data sharer. As long as you are legal, you can get the data you want from this sharer. Using these data you can perform data analysis and statistics, and you can also use the data interface for control operations. It's a data steward.
  3. In the era of big data computing, with the support of this system, data information processing models around the world will attract a qualitative leap.
  4. As long as you have a shared point address form and have legal rights to access it, you can easily create your own platform.

What I learned

A very complete system

What's next for Share to Share System

I will recommend the platform dedicated to helping fight Covid-19

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