The inspiration for this game comes from an old RPG that we've forgotten the name of. It seemed like a fun, difficult challenge and we decided we would figure out how to implement our version of that.

What it does

It simulates a light source and blocking objects, as well as a radial dimming effect from the light source. It creates interesting visual effects. It also has a level editor, where you can change the things in the level including where shadows and light sources are.

How we built it

We made all of the logic for the shadows and the dimming, using some complicated trigonometry. Although the concept seems simple, we went through many pages of notes and brainstorming before we could figure out a doable simulation method.

Challenges we ran into

Speed / Efficiency: Ideally, we could have made a cooler simulation if we had more overhead to be inefficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The effects are visually pleasing and create an interesting effect.

What we learned

We learned about the difficulties with shadow casting and light propagation algorithms in 2 dimensions, and how hard it would be in 3 dimensions.

What's next for Shadow Simulation

We now have a visually pleasing environment that we could make into a game or a more advanced simulation if we wanted.

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