The platform started as reaction to the helplessness I felt after the current pandemic started. I saw numerous helping hands who took the initiative to support the ones who were the worst affected.

Sevabhava ( is a web based social collaboration platform where individuals or NGOs can find, register & create Social Initiatives in their locality.

What it does

It has Data Analytics platform where Non Profits can use to manage there Relief work. They find highly impacted areas, run analytic son demographics data and see where they can add more value.

How I built it

Built it usinng nodejs, mdbbootstrap and fushion charts.

Challenges I ran into

Challenge 1 : Creating custom analytics schema on amazon athena Challenge 2 : Creating visuals on the app to display analytics data in a simple visalisation. Challenge 3 : Dynamically update the visualizations with user input

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole app :P

What I learned

About AWS and how to use S3 powered by Athena. And visualizations using fushioncharts

What's next for Sevabhava

We would like to add visualizations for India territory.

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