Conducting user research on platforms that UC Davis students use frequently, we found an overwhelming amount of negative responses during their time at the university. One particular feeling we noticed was prevalent among UC Davis students was loneliness. In an effort to help improve the overall emotional health of the student body, we decided to create SentiVent.

What it does

The user is encouraged to write journal entries on SentiVent. Journalling is a healthy expression of emotions, and has been proven to help with gaining control of one’s emotions and overall improve mental health. SentiVent is much more than a simple journaling app. Based on keywords the user has written in their journal entries and based on a user’s location, SentiVent will curate a list of resources the user can utilize to improve their mental health. This app utilizes the Google Cloud Natural Language API.

How I built it

We started with a prototype made in Adobe XD. We did this to envision the product and as a basis for building features and functionalities in this app. The frontend was done in React Native, which all of our teammates learned for the first time. The backend was done in express.js. We implemented the Google Cloud Platform for its Cloud Natural Language API, specifically for its text and sentiment analysis.

Challenges I ran into

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Setting up the React App as we were newcomers
  • Doing FrontEnd using React with members having minimal experience to none
  • The Natural Languaging Process API for Google Cloud as the temporary key caused issues in retrieving the data needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Able to build the whole full stack application with little to no experience in web development

What I learned

  • React
  • ExpressJS
  • Google Cloud API
  • Connect Frontend to Backend
  • Secure an API with OAuth

What's next for SentiVent

  • Scale up this web application to reach larger audiences other than students
  • Expand to mobile
  • Work in collaboration with the SHCS, provide info to those who are in distress
  • Getting a better understanding of these moods

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