The idea came from the difficulty of finding, selling, and buying services and products.

What it does

We can say that selldriven is an e-commerce media agency website, which allows user to find the services or products their need, and some time their have some services or old/new products to sell, but they don't know where to sell so they can come into selldriven to post their services or products easily. selldriven provided a service advertisement to all user, who want to boot their selling selldriven provided a simple page for a registered user to manage their services or products. selldriven have an admin page to manage own websites such as advertisement, user, merchant, product management and report.

How I built it

Depended on experience and research selldriven was built separately between front-end and back-end. For front-end I use such technologies as: -Reactjs, -Bootstrap, -Redux -Webpack

For back-end I use such technologies as: -scala -playframework -play2-reactivemongo

For database & storage I use : -MongoDB -Mongo Atlas

Challenges I ran into

The complexity of defining functionality logic, and use of MongoDB aggregation framework

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although we never used MongoDB before, the MongoDB Atlas API and especially the documentation helped me learn a lot about NoSQL databases. In the end, I born a project successfully

What I learned

I learned a lot about scala-playframework, reactjs, and especially the MongoDB aggregation framework

What's next for selldriven

The idea not only for myself, but I would also love this idea can make people easily. So I hope selldriven can firstly launch in Cambodia and so on ...

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