2020 was a tough year, and due to the outbreak of COVID-19 mutants, many cities are in lockdown. Prolonged periods of social distancing and quarantine not only affect our social health but also our mental health.

Inspired by various self-help/ self-care guides online, we would like to build an app helping individuals with mental health concerns to help themselves and seek help from others

What it does

Individuals with mental health concerns can follow the self-help guide to help themselves

How I built it

Web app development using html, css and javascript

Challenges I ran into

Complete beginner in javascript (console log level xP), spent a lot of time learning the syntax. Online resources such as this tutorial helped a lot!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built an app!

What I learned

I learnt a lot about javascript

What's next for Self-help Guide

  • Depression/ anxiety test

  • Recommended diets

  • Goal setting and calender sync

Built With

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