During the COVID-19 pandemic, self-care has become crucial to maintaining your health, whether it be physical or mental. More than 8 in 10 people who took a depression test scored with symptoms of moderate to severe depression since the beginning of the pandemic. In order to help these individuals who experienced the same things I have, I created Selfly.

What it does

Selfly is a self-care website that attempts to help individuals improve their mental and physical health by providing a multitude of resources and programs. You can track your health in regards to your diet, fitness, and of course: a to-do list (very vital for your stress and anxiety management).

How we built it

I built this website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Canva. I used canva to create graphics and to also lay out my UI for the website. I am still a beginner in front-end development so it was very exciting to create a project to practice my skills.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge I ran into was time. I worked by myself on this project and wasn't sure if I could finish on time as I had 3 different tracks to create. They took the most time and effort to make along with having to research a lot on how to create the timer and storing local variables.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of creating the 3 track programs. They were very difficult to create due to time and also the complexity of the timers used in the fitness track. I am inexperienced in Javascript and would consider it the language that I am least comfortable with so it was very exciting to have created an interactive element using it.

What we learned

I learned more javascript techniques when making the tracks. I also learned how to store local data when creating the meals track.

What's next for Selfly

Selfly mobile app with the online journal, pedometer and tracx program “Gardening” section to promote healthy eating including how to build a home garden AI powered “Meal Maker” which will generate recipe ideas when given ingredients and time limit

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