After accessing the validated data, I realized I didn't have a continuous live stream but a snapshot of a moment in time. Therefore, I focused on video/image analysis.

What it does

The iOS app permits the user to select a specific time frame for analysis and determine if digital content capture by a node can determine a possible DUI situation. The meta data can be forwarded as a witness/victim statement to law enforcement for additional review and disposition. The choices are possible DUI driver, pedestrians only.

How I built it

Integrated IBM Bluemix to allow for machine learning. After obtaining the meta, created algorithm to distinguish be possible DUI drivers or pedestrians only.

Challenges I ran into

I would have preferred direct access to a continuous, live-stream, to create a more robust solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the app to work with UX/UI

What I learned

The data from platform is astounding and quite useful.

What's next for See Things.

If I get access to the live platform, create the app for real.

Built With

  • bluemix
  • cityiq-iot-platform
  • current
  • ge
  • ibm
  • ios
  • situational-awareness
  • swift
  • traffic-planning
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