With this being my first hackathon / working with someone else (The seasoned Vet Khanh). I wanted to keep the project scope small so it would give us the flexibility during the hackathon. Which led us to create an activity generator with some functionality to it.

What does it do

Allows the user to generate different activities with different blurbs of text relating to the text, with a small Todo list they can interact with to remove generated activities.


The domain is from link, with us using HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, and Git/Github for source control.

What was a hassle

Creep scope was the major one that we faced + the fatigue was a horrible combo. We both fell victim to it during our development time but we pushed through to the end! Source control was also a pain!

What did you enjoy from this process

I'm happy I got to work in my first hackathon, implementing everything I've been learning at The OdinProject. Nearly got everything we wanted in, but it differed from the initial design (Google Doc).

What did you learn?

Learned about arrays, loops in JS, working with other people with source control, and lots and lots of googling.

Will you continue with the project?

Depends on how me and Khanh want to take the project in the future. I want to come back to it once I get a better grasp of front-end development.

**Website is currently not secured by https, please pass it through the advance settings - Thanks!

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