Imagine that we want to find a certain plot in the movies or TV shows. However, we just couldn't remember where it is in the video. Watching through the entire video again is time-consuming. Therefore, it will be convenient if we can segment the videos automatically and retrieve the desired content. SearchIn Video aims to be an useful tool for users to skim videos smartly.

What it does

It provides the service to search content in videos. By extracting both video and audio information, we can extract the video segments that matches the user-defined keywords. Several video segments including requested content will be retrieved, and users can browse the video in a more convenient way.

How I built it

We analyze the input videos with google cloud vision API. The API will give us the transcriptions and the labels of entities in the videos. We utilize the transcriptions and object labels to match the keywords users want to search in the videos. Once the search is done, the time codes are sent to our server. Based on the time codes, we are able to extract the video segments from the YouTube.

Challenges I ran into

  • Analyze videos requires time if we don't create a cache to save the previous results
  • Dependencies between developers
  • Lack of UI/UX design experience

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Accurate and real-time searching results
  • Both visual and semantic features can be retrieved
  • A clean and user-friendly interface

What I learned

  • Usage of google cloud vision API
  • Deploy python scripts on node.js
  • Build RESTful API on node.js backend
  • Set up a VM on google cloud platform
  • How to be a good front-end engineer in three days :)

What's next for SearchIn Video

  • We hope to extend more features that users can search for. For instance, if we can find when a certain person appears in the video will be cool!
  • Implement our system entirely on the cloud.

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