As developers, most of our time goes into searching stuff and finding out the functions and syntax of a particular tech stack on the web, because let's face it, WE CANNOT REMEMBER THE SYNTAX OF EVERY LANGUAGE WE WORK IN!

What do we do when we need to google an error or find out the correct way to use a particular function? We paste our 'string' onto Google's search bar and then open up the top 5-6 search results on new tabs hoping to find the answers to our queries.

Sometimes, it may happen that we are reading some documentation and there comes a keyword/function in our way which needs to be understood to go further on understanding about what we initially were reading about!

Now let's think this way, what if we provide you with a feature, where you can just highlight the text you want to search, right-click and choose among various options on which platform you would like to find the answer to your question?

Yes, you heard that right, Search-Tap lets you do that and helps you save a lot of searching seconds while you're in your developer mode. Not only when you're developing stuff, but this can be used by all the people wherever they want!

What it does

Search Tap is a browser plugin that is a one-stop research work solution for developers and students.

  1. Quick search option via right-click on different platforms.
  2. A toggle button to serve search option to you on only those websites where you really want to
  3. A bookmark like a feature to save some of your favourite websites which you might use daily or have to log on to on a daily basis for work!
  4. No need to open millions of tabs and windows now to search data that you don't know. Just use the SEARCH ALL option and get the search results for the same data on different platforms on just 1 TAB! Isn't that a totally new user experience??

How we built it

We build it using

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript.


Search Tap is a context search based extension, that eases the developer's work by adding some quick features-

  1. SEARCHING While developing, our extension provides an easy exploration of the selected text thus saving time on copy-pasting & searching on 'n' websites. When we right-click on the selected text, we get an option bar with multiple different exploration tabs i.e Google, StackOverflow, etc. The user has automated search results for the selected text in a separate tab without hindering the existing chrome tab.

  2. IFRAME In order to find answers to short questions or finding meanings to small queries, we introduced the 'iframe'. Iframe enables you to open a small window on the same screen giving you the desired result for the selected text. Iframe shows all results from google in a small window that does not interfere with the current tab.

  3. COPY & PASTE For quick copying, all the tabs currently opened and pasting them into a clipboard. When we click the 'paste' button, all the tabs copied in the clipboard will automatically open in chrome. We can also paste the tabs in notepad or any other platform as URLs.

  4. INTEGRATING WITH TWILIO We can also mail the copied tab's URL to a specific person by mentioning their email address in the email section. This feature is added by integrating Twilio SendGrid in our chrome extension.

  5. FAVOURITE BROWSER OPTIONS Default is added in the pop-up box for changing the settings in the toggle button to add/ remove any particular option bar.

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