SEARCH@SD - News, places, events and entertainment - Search with Friends!

Search@SD on TwentyAt introduces news from four of the most important local agencies and elected officials and places the results directly into your messaging app where it is immediately sharable with friends and family. And that is only the beginning!

Simply type SDnews@ or SanDiegoNews@ into the message box on our app and get the latest information from these four important sources:

(i) Citywide Newsfeed (ii) Mayor's Newsfeed (iii) City Attorney Newsfeed, and (iv) San Diego Police Department Newsfeed

Curious about recent Police activity or want to hear what is the latest from Mayor Jerry Sanders? find the answers through Search@SD. As a result of our integration with Twitter you can also retrieve the latest tweets from local businesses and people of importance. Type @jerrysanders@ to hear the latest from our mayor or follow the latest tweets from our beloved Padres on twitter as well: @padres@. Share the tweets with friends right away, especially when special deals are announced.

But the platform is versatile and useful beyond retrieving current affairs. Search@SD enables any merchant to instantly have a great mobile presence, so residents and tourists alike can quickly and easily find, eat, buy, and engage. Any business, band, artist, or individual can take ownership of his or her business or name through TwentyAt. It is simple and takes under about 3 minutes to register. The formula is simple: Your Name/Business followed by "@".

Search@SD brings your business’s message and content directly into the text of users chat and messaging with their friends (the single most impactful place it could be). We re-did “mobile search” so it’s more like the way you do it: by getting rid of the search box and integrating directly into conversations. Just put an @ after any word (i.e., let’s get pizza@) for an intelligent + relevant result customized for you, your location, your social graph, and much more. All the action takes place directly in the message thread, with results immediately available. Now you’re searching with friends!

When a friend tells us about something, we generally do it! When search@ meets chat, the outcome is the same - seamless local discovery, amplification of your content and 1-to-1 engagement possibilities - all unavailable before.

What else? Users trigger searches, so Search@SD is 100% non-invasive until users want to know something! And once your business is invited to join a conversation, it’s with the necessary context to provide relevant smart responses, instantly.

Search@ will soon be available on any group messaging app (via our future mobile search API).

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