As a team, we found that many people look for inspiration for design projects on Bēhance. However, Bēhance search was not sophisticated enough to find what we exactly wanted. We used our problem of not being able to find an inspiration as an inspiration.

What it does

You make a search, and you will get many relevant results based on the project images in a beautiful interface.

How I built it

Magic that even we don't fully comprehend

Challenges I ran into

Clarifai had an issue where it couldn't take some Bēhance images, so we uploaded the images to Imgur to get around.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Beautiful & sexy interface, and a hack that actually works

What I learned

How to efficiently work in a team, Ajax, Node.js, SASS, how to solve hard problems as a team

What's next for Sēarch

Work on efficiency!

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