Inspiration was not being able to search for someones at (@) on your profile if you cant remember their user per say.

What it does you can search for peoples handles just by searching one letter or if you're looking for someones at (@) on another persons page you can search for their @ there too.

How we built it html, javascript, pug, nodejs, and express

Challenges we ran into trying to convert the profile IDs to twitter handles, and dynamically show users while typing in the search bar. The search bar wasn't working that went due to lack of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of is that we got this project done within 24 hours.

What we learned is that this feature can come into play when looking for certain users. Also that trying to convert Python to Javascript is kind of a hassle but we made it work.

What's next for Search bar for followers/following tab, would be implementing filters to make the search process easier.

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