We were inspired to create a new method of visualizing data collected to facilitate rapid triage in situations where infrastructure and transportation are failing.

What it does

It allows clients to mark various triage levels on the map, the emergency responders can then see the triage markers on an augmented reality display.

How we built it

We built it using Android, utilizing the suite of sensors available in a commercial phone. These sensors are used to compute the position and orientation of the phone in 3d space, and then corresponding geospatial data can be visualized in the same system.

On the server side, it is a flask server that is listening to SMS text messages by utilizing Twilio and a RESTful API.

Challenges we Faced

We faced issues with using the development server of Flask to serve the whole project, as a result, we had to move to Nginx.

We faced issues with the math required to project points into the correct coordinate system to match the camera frame.

Where we go from here

If we continue to work on the app, the features we would like to add are robustness to the backend, as well as the ability to group members by either their organizational unit or geographic location.

It would also make sense to utilize OpenGL for the graphical rendering, as it would be more efficient.

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posted an update

Our initial release of Search and Text You (STY) system represents an initial concept of what this team come up with. We demonstrate how a low bandwidth and potentially intermittent communication can be used to serve a vital asset in time of emergency. Three distinct, but complementary roles are supported in STY system. At the center is a command post and hospital who coordinate and lead the effort to save lives when time is of essence. In times of disaster and chaos, there is often a need to spread out and search for victim and perform a quick triage of injured people in the rubble. Following behind quickly are those who have the medical training to apply aide to those in distress and at risk of dying. STY enhances communication with minimal amount of discussion or as much as needed. In the end everyone gets what they need and safety and welfare of victims becomes a priority.

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