ScienceCal puts science standards to work in your hand or on your wrist through the power of a Calculator, Search, and Wearables.

Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is a familiar tool for Science students and scientists, so it is a natural place to put Science standards to work.

In addition to all the normal functions of a scientific calculator, it has the Fundamental Physics Constants from NIST, SRD 121. To show that this can extend to multiple types, we also used the Atomic Weights and Isotopes data, SRD 144.

The constants are in five categories. Searching gives you suggestions as you type. To look up atomic weights, use the one or two letter symbol and possibly the atomic number. Clicking any suggestion enters the constant on the calculator screen, to continue your calculation.

Standalone Constants Reference

The search and lookup capability mentioned above is also available as standalone launch.

This page can be accessed by other apps to return a result. It uses an intent filter and content provider to make the data available to other calculators or other apps where developers find the constants useful.


Wearables are an emerging part of the technology world. Access to a wealth of information will soon be on our wrist.

The Android Wear version of the app is installed on any Android Wear watch that is paired with the phone.

Look for the constants icon in the apps, use voice to search for a constant, and see a list of suggestions.

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