• For students, the Periodic Table is a must-have to access the Elements and Isotopes.
  • For scientists, the complexity of viewing multiple data simultaneously is crucial.

What it does

The app opens with the Periodic Table to showcase the Elements and Isotopes. A detail view can be displayed, moved around, and removed as needed.

The left navigation has all 6 required data sets. Each tab opens to Search and Select multiple data views on demand. Objects can be oriented in unlimited patterns for advance usage like compare and contrast. Search Progress can be stored for later.

How I built it


  • All 6 data sets are faithfully compiled into a local database. Additional data like Wikipedia for Elements were also included. Not only is the data now accessible offline, it allows items to be searched quickly and efficiently. The app is pleasantly responsive.


  • All the layouts are tested to ensure that the numbers and units are not hindered. The designs have been meticulously adjusted to maximize usability and minimize excess.

A few awesome conveniences:

  • Row highlighted on selection
  • Click to Copy value
  • Element notes
  • CAS / URL open webview
  • Portrait mode for most
  • Social Sharing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A big success was compiling all 6 data sets accurately to work on the mobile device.

Another major success was integrating the individual draggable views that can be manipulated to adjust to the level of complexity that the user demands.

FREE app created for this challenge.

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