This is a silly project for the Silly Hacks 2020!

What it does

Cats spawn in Augmented Reality. There's a 50% chance the cats are actually there or not at a point in time! If you click on one, you'll find it out if the cat is there (spawns another cat) or if the cat isn't there (deletes the cat because it was an illusion).

How I built it

I built this app using EchoAR and Unity.

Challenges I ran into

It is incomplete because I don't have the hardware to test the unity app on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first hackathon hacking without a team!

What I learned

I learned how to use EchoAR which is a really cool program. I'll probably be using it in the future!

What's next for Schrödinger's cats

I would like to test the app, have the cats spawn and move in random directions and have a picture of a real cat spawn in place of the cat if the cat was determined as there.

Built With

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