To begin, as a team, we strived to come up with a project idea that could influence thousands of lives. Growing up, we all have experienced anxiety due to a lack of organization school systems embrace. The team looked at this problem as an opportunity to advance as an educational body. Immediately, we wanted to make a uniform schedule that schools can utilize to make sure their students are up-to-date on current events. We figured that the things students really cared about were: school schedules, announcements, and lunch menus. Since we wanted the site to be as user-friendly as possible, we wanted to go for a very simplistic yet visually-appealing design. Together, the team brainstormed ideas and came up with our final look. We used photoshop to make a model for the final product. The point of the site was to keep students as updated as possible, and we didn't desire to stray from our task. We made a uniform view, as we wanted the look to be very welcoming and warm. However, not everything was as clean-cut as we hoped it to be. There were many arguments based on how user-friendly the website was, and what could be done. Design of the site was also debated, due to different preferences of appearance. However, we all agreed on a single website by the end. We're very proud of the simplistic design, and how it took everyone to be made. We learned how to truly work as a team, and figure out an issue together. As for what's next for SchoolTracker? We hope to propose our product to a variety of school systems, including our own, and possibly sell licenses out to many schools for them to revolutionize their organizational abilities. We really enjoyed this event and loved making our project.

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