Point to Point Ticket

One ticket for a single direction trip, one for a return excursion, and one for a full circle: These are the highlight point tickets, which qualifies you for movement a course based on your personal preference in whichever class you wish.

Outward, return and tickets to go full circle.

Tickets for single excursions, return trips and trips there and back are the works of art in our item range.

You can purchase standard tickets online just as by means of your cell phone, at all open vehicle retail locations, at ticket machines or by telephone from the SBB Contact Center Helpdesk 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

Note: Round excursion SBB tickets are not accessible on the web or through the application.



first or second class

Single excursion, return trip or round trip(?)Show note Single excursion, return trip or full circle

Full toll or half fare(?)Show note Full charge or half admission

Went with youngsters under 6 travel for free(?)Show note Accompanied kids under 6 travel for nothing.


Highlight point SBB tickets are substantial for the schedule day indicated at the hour of procurement. On the off chance that you don't return around the same time or by 5am the next day, it would be ideal if you purchase another single ticket for your excursion.

Rail Network and Regional Transport Network

For ventures inside raill organizations and provincial vehicle organizations, coordinated admission tickets should be bought.

You will discover more data at sbb.ch/en/charge organizations

Discount on roadtrip with railroad

With outward, return and tickets to get there and back, you profit by limits or included worth various recreation encounters (roadtrips).

Multiple Journey Ticket

Multiple-venture tickets.

Do you travel decently habitually, yet not routinely, on a similar course? At that point the multiple-venture ticket is the correct item for you.

Multipack of tickets

The multiple-venture ticket qualifies you for six single excursions on the course chose. It is non-individual and thusly adaptable. It can likewise be utilized for a few travelers voyaging together. It might likewise be utilized in mix with the Junior travelcard and the Children's Co-travelcard. Holders of the Half Fare travelcard and kids younger than 16, get a markdown of half on the multiple-venture ticket.

Purchasing the multiple excursion ticket

You can purchase the multiple-venture ticket on the web or by phone through SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.). It will be shipped off you by post. Or then again you can buy multiple-venture tickets at your nearby deals point.

Utilizing multiple-venture tickets.

Various times of legitimacy apply to singular excursions utilizing nearby or significant distance administrations (see engrave on ticket). It would be ideal if you approve your multiple-venture ticket before flight at a ticket validator on the stage (for significant distance administrations and S-Bahn trains) or at nearby ticket machines (for metropolitan vehicle).

  • Local administrations: your ticket is legitimate for a limit of four hours from the hour of approval.

  • Long-distance administrations: upon the arrival of approval and up to 5 a.m. on the next day.

On the off chance that the time of legitimacy terminates during the excursion, you may keep on utilizing the multiple-venture ticket as follows:

  • Local administrations: for an immediate and continuous excursion on the train you boarded before the time of legitimacy terminated.

  • Long-distance administrations: you can likewise utilize multiple-venture tickets upon the arrival of approval for an immediate and continuous excursion given that the excursion starts before 12 PM.

Multiple-venture tickets inside charge organizations and transport organizations.

For ventures inside toll organizations and provincial vehicle organizations, incorporated passage tickets should be bought.

Limits on roadtrips with RailAway.

With multiple-venture tickets, you can likewise profit by limits or included worth various relaxation encounters (roadtrips).

City Tickets

City-Ticket: the ticket for trains and neighborhood traffic.

Might you want to be moving with nearby traffic at your place of takeoff as well as objective, without stressing over a ticket, zones or ticket machines? At that point the City-Ticket blends are the ideal decision for you.


Notwithstanding the excursion between the chose spot of takeoff and the objective, the City-Ticket additionally incorporates a 1-day travelpass for neighborhood traffic at the spot of flight as well as the objective.

Ticket classifications.

first and second class

Single excursion, outward and bring venture back

Full passage (100%) or half toll (up to half). The last applies for holders of Half Fare travelcards and for youngsters (from the age of 6 up to their sixteenth birthday celebration).

The City-Ticket are legitimate for 1 day.


At the ticket counter in the station, at most ticket machines, online in the SBB Ticket Shop or on the SBB Mobile application through your cell phone.

Limits on roadtrips with RailAway.

With tickets for public vehicle, you can appreciate in any event 10% markdown or added an incentive for various recreation encounters (Day trips).

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