To be honest, the Rootstech Challenge is the first time I've ever heard of genealogy as a booming industry. I've never even considered it. Given that, I was a bit stomped with ideas for a great app. It bugged me for weeks. However, what I did know was that I did Not want to create another Family Tree app. There's a lot of them out there but they're not doing enough to engage the rest of the demographics. It's probably why even as an avid tech person, the industry has still eluded me to this day. As a result, I wanted to create something that is fun and exciting. An app that could serve as an entry point to more interest into family history later on. This was the moment when I started to hone my focus on Names.

A person's name is one of the most intimate and personal aspect of a person. The cocktail party effect tells us that the name is a sound that people tune into very closely. It directly affects their psychology. I can tell you through personal experiences that I am always pleasantly surprise when someone say my name right the first time. They are stuck in my memory in a favorable way. It's a boost in my mood.

The Key to any family tree is the names. They are the Links to the Past. Find a way to get the Names and you will unlock the secret of genealogy. This is what I've set out to do.

This is why I am proud to present this Challenge with a submission for the SayThisName app for iOS and Android.

The app is designed for everyone in the world to use. In fact, I highly encourage people from other countries with difficult-to-pronounce names to get the app. Anyone in any country can submit a pronunciation of that name in their target language. In addition, educate others on how their name is pronounced in your native country. I would love to know how people in Germany and France say my name!

In addition, user can request pronunciations and add Family Names to the list. This is a great way to start Mapping out the family tree one name at a time. It's a fun and engaging way to get started for those that would otherwise be uninterested. It is the great challenge that I'm looking to solve.

As for the Family Search API, I have integrated a rough link through to the database of people and names. This helps people browse through more names to populate the database with pronunciations. This also serves as a sample of future expansion into including more family tree data.

I am proud to have created an app that is so simple to use that a person can record their name with just a few taps. Then in a few clicks, they can search and play any names. It is also my pleasure to say that anyone with an iOS and Android device can have access to this app. Furthermore, search and play is also available through the website found at that works great on a desktop or mobile browser.

As an added bonus, a personal URL is supported to help people share their names with as many people as they can so that everyone will know exactly how they say their name without having to repeat it over and over. Now all you have to do is click and learn the pronunciations!

Here's mine -

Here is a short description of the app:

●● Easy to record First, Middle, and Last names
●● Help Family and Friends by recording their names
●● Personal URL to share in email, social profile, business card
●● Claim yours now ->

Hear how your name is pronounced by other people in different countries. Great for travels and cultural education.

Learn how to say other people's names for work, school, and social reasons.

Always be ready for that Hard-to-Pronounce names in any situation!

It has been a wonderful experience to work on this challenge. I've found a solution to my own problem and help others at the same time. I truly hope that this app will make a positive impact and push the genealogy industry forward.

iOS -

Android -

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