Yo! says "it's that simple". I Say "it doesn't have to be useless".

I welcome you to the next advancement in the zero-character communication tools, "Say (something)".

'Say' is a two-tap multi-purpuse zero-character communication tool which, like Yo!, allows you to communicate with your friends with minimal effort. The difference is that while Yo! is arguably utterly useless, Say can actually be used in actual peoples lives. Want to grab a coffee with your buddy Aaron? Ask him! Do you wanna grab a beer with Louise? Well ask her! A "yo" could mean so much (or in most cases, nothing). But a "beer"? That means beer.

Like "yo", the phone will read you the message through the usage of notifications (no need to jailbreak to access Siri or anything like that), and you'll immediately know what your friends want. But don't worry, unlike yo there's no need to open up messenger, send old-fashioned text messages, or make a dreadful phone call to either accept or decline their request. If you open the app through the notification, you'll be able to respond to their request with either a "yes" or "no" immediately (beat that Or Arbel!).

Lastly, I'd like to mention that my design, unlike Yo's, isn't made to confuse you or make you sick. It's open, clean, and you'll definitely know what's a button or not.

I don't have a huge team behind me (except some very discouraging friends), I don't have years of experience, and I know creating a really great social application takes time. But this is a Hackathon and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the best we can do is just to #fuckitshipit.

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