Savvy is a personalized development tool for teens. It demystifies the challenges while helping users identify and build on their personal successes.

Savvy demystifies career paths. Savvy demystifies college options. Savvy demystifies how personal skills and interests map onto career and college choices.

Stress is mounting in our high schools. Teens have to deal with the pressure to succeed and the fear of failure, all with their parents’ hopes and their social status in the balance. Many look at the college application process as if it were a verdict on the first 18 years of their life! Over 30% of teens report feeling sad or depressed as a result of their stress. All this pressure can lead to debilitating mental illnesses, and in young people who should have so much to look forward to.

A huge source of anxiety for these teens is the uncertainty surrounding career decisions and college admissions. Teens often don't know how their skills and interests could translate into a career or college choice. Though there is information out there - it's overwhelming and not personalized.

Teens often look at the professionals around them and feel incapable of attaining such achievements. They don't see the human being behind the positions, who has usually experienced a lot of failure along the way.

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