Cars are most lethal. 2.500 people die on European roads every year; And 10% due to misuse of our beloved smart devices. This is a big problem - and that is why we have build Safe Drive!

What it does

Safe Drive is an AI-enriched smartphone application that helps prevent car accidents. It constantly monitors driver alertness and traffic situation. It runs in the background and blocks unnecessary notifications. And in the rare cases of real danger, it alerts the user to shift attention back to driving.

The user must start the smartphone application, mount it in a way that it is facing the driver, and simply start to drive. The camera on the backside would monitor the traffic, while the front-camera would observe the driver. The data is evaluated on the fly with image recognition to detect dangerous situations, either from traffic outside the car or in the driver’s seat. In such a case, a flash and notorious sound will direct the driver’s attention back to where it should be in that very moment: On traffic and driving.

How we built it

We developed a mobile application that connects to a server build on T-systems infrastructure. Pictures of the front facing camera are sent to our server and from there to the Vision API by Microsoft. The image detection can give us insight into whether the driver is drinking, smoking, sleeping or other things, which then is used to classify if the driver is distracted. This information is sent back to the phone and according to that the driver is notified. Additionally, we implemented a live view that connects to the server, where everyone can check out whats happening.

Challenges we ran into

The feed of the Vision API is not always classifying the things properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through many iterations and many interviews we found a project, which can have an impact on our daily lifes. Furthermore, we found a viable business model that is not only interesting for each driver, but also for large companies. Our working prototype is a first step towards the solution.

What we learned

We came up with several use cases and in discussions with the technology providers here at HackZurich, we got to know the functionalities of e.g. the Reuters API.

Towards the end, time pressure and the desire to have a cool product showed us how we function as a team.

What's next for SaveDrive

After having built the working prototype, we will improve the user reports, rankings and social sharing possibilities. We will built an application for concerned parents of novice drivers to see if their children are using the app. Experienced and safe drivers will start using Safe Drive, after we offer deals with insurance companies, rewarding safe driving with lower premiums. In the rare case of an accident, Safe Drive recordings could provide legal certainty if it was not the driver’s fault. Such a product would then be interesting for commercial fleets as well. They are heavily interested in having better and safer drivers. They want their vehicles to arrive safely on time. Our system helps to achieve that

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