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Stephen Morris - Programmer, Game Designer Tom Hughes - Game Designer Level Designer Emil Duxbury - Artist


HTC Vive game - Space Pirate Training Hyper Light Drifter Doom Quake

What it does

A virtual reality game using the HTC Vive in which the player can pick up weapons and use them to defeat robots. Twitch integration allows viewers to decide the fate of the player by spawning enemies to defeat them.

How I built it

Using Unity for the game engine and the HTC Vive, we created the game, the Vive allowed the use of virtual reality whilst Unity provided a stable engine. Autodesk Maya was used to create the 3D models in the game and Photoshop for the texturing of the models and the 2D Pixel sprites. Photoshop was also used for animation of said sprites.

Challenges I ran into

Twitch integration was one of the larger challenges for the team, having completed this late in development, however this has been completed and allows people to spawn said enemy, which at the moment is limited to the Heavy. Since we did not have a designated audio designer we struggled to compose any audio ourselves, however use of the Audio clinic gave us what we needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing for the HTC Vive for the first time meant that the team was experiencing new technology and how the development process works for it. Creating a fully working Vive game is a great accomplishment for the team and we are all proud of the progress we have made. As well as this the integration of Twitch is a huge accomplishment for us all, allowing us to gain community involvement on a greater scale.

What I learned

Overall we have learnt the true nature of developing for VR, meaning that the scale of the world and the way player interacts with the environment is paramount.

What's next for Sausage Cats

We are all working on several projects at the moment separately. Stephen and Tom are currently working together on Selfie Chaos, a game by Greenfly Studios. Emil is going on to be a freelance pixel artist.

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