Inspiration-Standing up from being done and dusted is an inspiration within self, but what actually inspired us to make this project is to save numerous lives which we loose every year due to weather conditions like fog on expressways and highways which sometimes result in pile-up of vehicles due to low visibility after any particular crash.

## What it does -We have made a wireless system which will be used to avoid and manage road accidents due to foggy weather conditions. It will warn preceding vehicles about accident spot ahead on that particular road after any crash of vehicle by operating automatically the receiver module which has embedded alarming system like sound and light.

  1. Transmitter module - It will be embedded in vehicles, which has components NodeMcu, Lora module, GPS and accelerometer. once vehicle gets crashed the accelerometer generate pulse which will activate transmitter module and Lora module will communicate with the lora module of receiver end.
  2. Receiver module- It will be placed on street lights which will contain NOdeMCU, lora module, and alarming system (light and sound) which communicates with the all the transmitter modules in vehicles of that particular lane only and activates alarming system so that preceding vehicles get alarmed about the same. At the same time gps will send co-ordinates to the nearest sub-station (Toll plaza) where it will be fetched thorough our website and proper help to that location will be sent. Also a notification will be sent to the preceding vehicles of that lane using our android application as alert.

## How we built it - we used IOT components like nodemcu, gps, accelerometer, lora module to make our transmitter and receiver ends, after analyzing all aspects only we have choosen these components. for software part we used React Native and React Js to built our website and application.

Challenges we ran into- to make Algorithm of our whole system was too hectic and challenging for us, choosing proper modules and platform was a tricky stuff as well. we found challenge with API in React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- we are building a whole wireless system which is independent of Internet and WiFi, which is something that motivated to make our system more better.Because we are not using any network like internet or Wifi it can also applicable in hill areas and places where such type of connectivity is difficult.

What we learned- We learned about tech stacks like app development, web development and IOT, we came to know about different component like LoRa Module and also other components like GPS, and how to work in a team.

What's next for Sarathi- We are thinking of implementing it with ML for more features also to implement it on a large scale with the help and collaboration of government organisations so that we can avoid such road accidents. Many more features will be added in it on large scale to save lives of people.

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