When we heard the athletics prompt, we were a bit stunned at how broad it was. We decided that we wanted to narrow the topic down for us by focusing on improving people's health. In our own lives, we've seen how having friends who are working beside you toward the same goal can motivate everyone involved to go farther than they could by themselves. Seeing all of this, we decided to create a social fitness program. We also decided to make the weight loss shown by percentage point change so that we didn't have to disclose people's weights.

What it does

Saluta allows friends to group up into leagues for a friendly competition to get fit and stay healthy. Saluta allows you to log your weight and workout activities and then ranks how you are doing against your friends. This way you are more incentivized to keep to your workout schedule. You can instantly chat with your friends in the league, using our in-website group chat. Also, you can log your workouts on Saluta so you can see that you are keeping to your commitments even if you aren't getting the weight loss you want.

How we built it

We used the Laravel framework, which is built on PHP, to create the database and structure for our website. We used Bulma to style our website and make it responsive for mobile use. We used Socket IO to make our instant group chat and we connected that to the specific league that it corresponded to in the database. We hosted the website on the .tech domain that we got through the hackathon with Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Early on our biggest challenge was managing conflicts with CSS. Since we were using Bulma, we often found that when we wanted to do something that Bulma didn't offer and we created our own css file for it, Bulma's css overrode ours. Eventually we we're able to fix this. We also ran into some problems with Socket IO. We had trouble setting node server in conjunction Xampp. After a while we we're able to set it up and now it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our chat system and our league system. Being able to connect with your friends through fitness is really cool and the chat system just makes it better and more interactive.

What we learned

We learned that connecting people is a really powerful idea and can be used to motivate them to do something incredible. We also gained great real life experience in computer science, creating something that could actually be used.

What's next for Saluta

Next, we hope to start some leagues with real people to motivate them to be as healthy as they can.

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