We built Salus because we were alarmed and concerned about how swimming pools, something which is supposed to provide fun, can be so dangerous and harmful. Each year, thousands of kids, pets, and even adults are harmed in or drown in swimming pools due to the lack of safety measures provided. Little to no cameras or surveillance features are in place to prevent these unnecessary deaths. This is why we created Salus, as a solution to prevent any harmful scenarios or situations from occurring and allow pools to serve their purpose as a symbol of fun.

What it does

Salus is an AI-driven web app that uses a powerful AI algorithm to detect and prevent any potentially dangerous scenarios poolside by altering users through a text. Our AI can detect scenarios such as an unattended toddler or a drowning person, and quickly alert a user through text so that they can attend to the situation.

How we built it

We built Salus through the React.js framework, the Twilio API, a TensorFlow machine learning model, and an Express.js server. React.js acted as the frontend of the web application, and we then implemented the Twilio API, which was hosted on an Express.js server. Finally, we added our Tensorflow model to the project and connected the Twilio API with the model to send texts for certain scenarios.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge that we ran into was connecting Twilio and the TensorFlow model so that at a certain response, a specific text will be sent to alert the user. This was particularly challenging because connecting the two was something uber-specific to our project, and there was little to no documentation online, so we had to do a lot of testing and debugging to finally get it to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we are proud of are successfully building a text-alerting system, building a working machine-learning model, and successfully connecting all phases of our web app.

What we learned

What we learned is how to build something even if it may seem challenging and there are not a lot of online resources. We also learned much about Twilio and its capabilities.

What's next for Salus

There are many future applications for Salus and we plan to expand the camera options so that external cameras can be used within our web app. An app could also be developed for greater convenience. And a functionality such as customizable scenario alerting could be implemented.

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