Choosing which college, major, and career that you want to have is a tough decision. There are many different schools vying for your attention, all with different programs, graduation rates, and costs of attendance. I (Nathan) am currently a Sophomore in high school, and when I tried looking into colleges, majors, and careers, there was too much information to make sense of, and all of it divided among different places and services. In creating Salary Samurai, we hoped to create an app that can streamline the process of career planning by consolidating a the data in to one, easy to read location.

What it does

Salary Samurai is a data analysis tool that takes over 10.6 million data points, and produces easy to read, powerful insights into your future possibilities. It allows you to look at and compare college degrees, and their financial impacts, such as the amount of debt that you have when you graduated, and average pay right out of college and later in life. It shows all of this data through interactive charts and graphs, which work together to illustrate the impacts of your college and career choices have on the rest of your life.

How we built it

We built this app with OmniSci, Google Cloud Platform and Firebase, and blood, sweat, and tears. As stated above, we pull 10.6 million data points from a variety of government sources. We pull college data for all of the colleges in the US, such as graduation rates, and average graduating debt. We also use US Census data from 47 states to show the impacts of different careers and degrees in the rest of your life, and allow you to see the lifelong pay rates and job satisfaction rates with your current career pathway. We also pull recent job data across many industries, in order to track future growth.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues uploading our data to OmniSci, as we kept having the WiFi cut out, and had super slow upload speeds. In the future, we can upload more US Census data, to be able to give insight for all 50 US States.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it to work! This was the first time either of us tried to work with big data, and it came with a whole new mindset. Also, finding the datasets that we needed, specifically the job growth one, was really hard. Though the government collects all of the data, it is hard to parse and use, so we wrote a few scripts in Java to clean up the data before sending it to OmniSci.

What we learned

We learned everything to do with OmniSci, and data science. From how to find a dataset, to how to create our own custom instance, we learned everything from scratch for this project. On top of that, this was my (Nathan) first time touching JavaScript, which I learned over the course of this hack.

What's next for Salary Samurai

Next for Salary Samurai is more data for the missing states, along with a more comprehensive website to allow users to more easily access and store the results of Salary Samurai. We also hope to find demographic information, that we can use to tune the results per person, and show deeper/more precise connections and results.

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