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In today's day to day life, almost 80% of accidents are occurring all over the world. In this 80% accidents, 75% of deaths of victims are due to lack of immediate first-aid. There are many reasons behind accidents, some of them are - Rash driving, drunk and drive, underage driving, crossing speed limits, etc. Whatever the reason there should be immediate response for victims. If not this will leads to death. I am also a victim in road accident. I met with an road accident and fainted with injuries. It is a place where there is no hospital in my surroundings and one no came across to help me. At last after half day, ambulance arrived and took me to hospital. This situation is the inspiration to built SafeGadget. To avoid this problem, I am developing a smart watch to detect accident and sends information to hospitals and personal contacts. Again, I met with another problem that is vehicle theft. I can't find vehicle and I can't afford a new branded technological vehicle. To avoid this problem I am developing a bot which can accessed through watch and detects your face when you start the vehicle. And it can also detects alcohol, if alcohol crosses the limit then the vehicle will slow down and stops after some peak point. SafeGadget is a combination of both SafeWatch and SafeBot. Any one can use SafeWatch and any vehicle can use SafeBot. This SafeGadget is synced to android application and images which all are acptured by SmartBot will stored in this app. I hope this SafeGadget saves victims and minimize reasons behind road accidents. The above video is another version of SafeWatch. We have to improvise that kit into Watch and Bot.

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