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There are over 3000 infant deaths every year because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As the name suggests, it happens instantly and has no symptoms. The biggest reason for SIDS is babies sleeping on their chest - causing oxygen flow to halt. It's unfortunate and very saddening for the parents.

With SafeBaby, we use a pressure sensor attached on the babies clothes to detect when it's on the chest. If we do detect it, we glow a huge red LED, email the parents and text them. This is all done almost instantly and very accurately.

The second app in the suite is a Pebble app that interfaces with the Jawbone UP band, to track the baby's sleep. Image you go out for a weekend and hand your baby off to a babysitter. Instead of always worrying about if you baby is well or not, just look at his or her sleep patterns right from your Pebble. A happy baby gets a lot of sound sleep.

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