Inspiration- We are inspired by the clean cut comfortable chairs that are available to kids on the Kent Campus and in various other colleges.

What it does- It is a chair designed to go into aircrafts as a replacement for the standard economy seatings. It compeates relatively well with pricing and comfort.

How we built it- We built 3-D renderings of the concept to what our seat will look like as well as a prototype of the tray table that is located in the armrest.

Challenges we ran into- Programs not working along with parts that were designed wrong. The biggest constraint was time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- Our team showed skills ranging from workings hands on by designing and making parts to coding and designing. We are proud to showcase our hard work as freshmen.

What we learned- That not every design is perfect from the start and it is all about trial and error. Determination and caffeine also tend to help.

What's next for S.N.E.K. TECH Adaptable Aircraft Seating- creating a moving and operating 3-D design along with going more in depth with the operational systems involved in the seats reclining and spring loaded armrest.

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